How does a Coffee Qualify as Ciel Cafe Prive Select?

Our Approach. Ciel is an independent, small batch coffee roaster with a passion for selecting and roasting only the world’s finest coffees. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our process, from the way in which we procure our coffees to our precision roasting protocols and finally, in the attention to detail we attribute to each coffee at every step along the way. From the world’s elite growers to your cup, you can be assured that each and every coffee within our portfolio is the world’s most exceptional. Our Style. We seek to create extraordinary coffees with multilayered flavor characteristics and a unique sweetness. Although Café Privé Sélect coffees are characterized by this complexity of flavor, through a meticulous roasting process, we are able to coax out the natural smoothness and refined character inherent in only the world’s greatest coffees. Flavorful, Sweet, Refined and Delicate. This signature taste of Ciel Café Privé Sélect is ultimately what leads to elegantly smooth coffees, perfect for savoring. Savoring Coffee. We begin by sourcing and roasting coffees on the basis of their possessing the ability to be savored. The result is a coffee unlike any other. Café Privé Sélect coffees are produced with the idea that coffee should be uniquely sweet, smooth and nuanced enough to savor and be best enjoyed black. It is no accident that Café Privé Sélect coffees evoke certain flavor responses. Ciel creates coffee with a taste profile so exceptional that you can allow yourself to languish in awareness, sip after sip, of brightness, texture, flavors and aftertaste. Sourcing. It is our unique and innovative process of green coffee selection that sets Ciel apart and ensures the procurement of the world’s finest coffee lots. We enjoy relationships with the world’s most elite and progressive coffee estates who employ exemplary growing and handling practices, agricultural standards and who take great pride in the quality of coffee they produce. Among these select coffee estates we have developed a reputation for seeking out only the finest coffee lots produced within a particular vintage and in having the willingness and determination to do whatever is necessary in the acquisition of these exceptional coffees. It is in the cultivation of our relationship with these coffee producers and their appreciation of our desire to purchase only the most outstanding coffee, that we are afforded the first opportunity to acquire the world’s most exceptional coffee lots from each harvest. Expertise. It takes years of experience in coffee and agriculture to master the complexities of the coffee bean, its harvest, proper roasting techniques and processes. As a Licensed Quality Grader and International Cup of Excellence judge, our founder, Jen Stone, has spent the past two decades studying and preparing for the selection of only the finest coffees available worldwide. This expertise is evident in the way she embraces the nuances and complexities of each coffee harvest. It is with this knowledge and careful scrutiny along with a rigorous quality examination that Jennifer determines whether a particular coffee meets our Café Privé Sélect requirements for inclusion into our coffee portfolio for that vintage. As the creators and purveyors of Café Privé Sélect, we take immense pride in knowing that each and every coffee within our portfolio is truly the world’s most exceptional. Join us and take advantage of our unique access to the ultimate coffee experience. Café Privé Sélect is the Ciel proprietary designation as the world’s most rare and exceptional coffee. It encompasses a range of factors from altitude to variety, with heaviest emphasis on complexity of flavor, sweetness and exclusivity.

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