The ultimate cup of coffee is within your reach. In order to preserve the efforts of the growers, graders and roasters who contribute to Ciel, we encourage vigilant brewing. Now that you have selected one of our recommended brewing methods, relish the ritual and aroma of brewing coffee. Should you require additional assistance, please contact the Ciel 24-hour Coffee Concierge.

Prep Time: 8 minutes

Brew Time: 3:45 minutes


  • Preferred brewing method for Ciel coffee
  • Preserves subtle flavors and accentuates sweetness
  • Highlights the full spectrum of flavor notes, from delicate to deep

You’ll Need:

  • 17 grams Ciel fresh coffee beans for each 8 oz. cup
  • Chemex or Hario pourover device
  • Able kone or Hario filter paper (paper filters will contribute to a lighter-bodied brew)
  • Baratza Preciso or similar Burr Grinder
  • Fresh, filtered or bottled water (no apparent odors or tastes)
  • Hot water maker
  • Thermometer
  • Scale
  • Timer


  1. Consult the measurement chart (below) and turn on hot water maker to begin heating ample water
  2. Consult the measurement chart; weigh out the precise amount of coffee
  3. Grind coffee to medium particle size (see settings on Grind page) in the amount needed just prior to brewing
  4. If applicable, pre-wet filter paper with hot water to assist the extraction process
  5. Place ground coffee in the filter and level
  6. Set the pourover device on top of the scale. With the filter and coffee in place, tare the scale to 0
  7. Ensuring the water is precisely 199˚F, start the timer and pour the appropriate quantity of water (consult the measurement chart) in a circular motion onto the coffee bed, ensuring that all grounds are wet
  8. After the initial pour, wait 45 seconds and watch the coffee bloom and de-gas, as the coffee flavors are extracted
  9. As the aromas emerge, consult the scale and every 30 seconds continue to add between 1 and 4 ounces of water depending on your brew volume. Aim to have all water poured in 3 minutes, spread evenly across 7 equal pours, until the proper volume of water has been added. This can be accomplished with careful measurement or a little practice
  10. Let the water drain completely through the coffee
  11. This process may take a total brew time of up to 3 minutes and 45 seconds
  12. Allow the coffee to cool for at least 1 minute before enjoying


  • 1 cup: 17 grams coffee / 8 oz water (1 oz per pour)
  • 2 cups: 34 grams coffee / 16 oz water (2 oz per pour)
  • 3 cups: 51 grams coffee / 24 oz water (3 oz per pour)
  • 4 cups: 68 grams coffee / 32 oz water (4 oz per pour)
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